About Us

I Love My Fids

I had wanted a parrot for several years, and in 2011, I took the leap and brought home my first fids (feathered kids).  Although the intention was to only add one member to the family, I fell in love with a beautiful Yellow Collared Macaw which I named Liberty.  As it turns out, she was quite bonded to her sister, Faith, and I just could not bring myself to separating them.  If you did not know, birds will call out then wait for a response and without a friend to call back, they will feel alone. The way these two constantly called to each other, I felt they deserved to stay together.  I feel all birds should have a companion, but not a cage mate, because they spend so much time alone in their cage while we are away from home for work, errands, and etc.

My Flock

Little did I know, my love of Liberty and Faith would not be the end of my story.  A year later, our family welcomed Charlie, a Blue Crown Conure, into the family followed closely by Willow, my Parrotlet Amazon. Over the last 5 years, I have given forever homes to a variety of parrots growing to 19 birds. I have purchased several as babies, some were rehomed, and a couple were rescued from poor conditions where they were neglected, but all have a forever home and are loved equally.

My Family and Friends

Lucky for me, my husband and children have shared in my joy and love of our fids.  Along the way, I have made some great lifelong friendships.

Why The Store

Parrots are my passion and I fully believe they deserve all the support and care we would give one of our children.  A properly cared, fed, and nurtured flock is paramount to long term health and happiness of our fids.  My mission is more than just a retailer, I am here to provide advice and support to help you maintain happy birds and harmony within your own flock.  I started this store to provide the best for the birds, not to make the most profit I can by selling cheap and underperforming products.  The store is constantly expanding and we are adding more products every day including food, supplements, toys, cages, and other supplies.  Among our close group of friends, we have tested and tried many different products and we offer only the ones that provide a safe and long lasting environment and nutrition for our birds so I will only sell the best products.


Our store is located in the courtyard of the Creekside Mall in the heart of Gainesville’s shopping district just 2 1/2 miles East of I-75 and within 5 minute drive of both Butler Plaza and the Oaks Mall. The Creekside Mall is 1 block South of Univeristy Ave and 1 block West of 34th St. Upon arrival to the complex, park in any location and walk down any corridor to the center, our store is located in the middle.


If you search online, you will find many differing opinions on breeding.  I do not believe in breeding for the sake of earning a profit, I only breed parrots that are good tempered and co-habitate well with families including those with children.  You will also find babies in my store that are hard to find or need help to maintain the breed, including some close to being endangered.  With the constantly expanding human population, wild parrots are losing more of their natural environment along with thieves stealing babies right from their nest in the wild.  I will only sell babies that I have either raised myself or from legal captive breeders that I know personally.  I do not believe in breeding birds with bad tempers nor birds that are already oversaturated in the market as I will not add to the long list of birds being rescued or rehomed.

Rescuing & Rehoming

If you have a bird that needs rehomed or you know of one that needs rescued, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  I have a great support network that can find a forever home for your feathered family member.  Our group does not purchase birds, we provide forever homes knowing the bird you entrust to us will join a loving forever family.  We do extensive interviews and check references for all potential adopters to ensure your baby is joining a loving home.

Honoring Our Military

Being an Air Force family ourselves, we know first hand the sacrifice that comes with military service. Active duty and veterans always get 10% off every day with valid ID. It’s our way to honor and show appreciation for your service of our great country (birds and sale items excluded).