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Brown-Throated Conure

Brown-Throated Conures in the wild are endemic to northern South America and the Caribbean islands. Their plumage is mostly green with yellowish-orange on the forehead, sides of head, and chin. The crown is bluish and the upper breast are pale olive-brown while the lower breast is yellowish-green turning into orange on the abdomen. The tips of the primary feathers are bluish and the outer webs of the secondaries are blue while the underside of the tail and wings are olive-yellow.  As babies, they are mostly green with some brown cheeks and greenish upper breast. They can be very loud, but are loved for their affectionate disposition. They require frequent handling to maintain their friendly personality and should be given plenty of toys and branches as they are strong chewers. They are highly intelligent and can learn/understand many words and phrases and are capable, but not guaranteed to be talkers. Brown-Throated Conure’s are in small-middle of the size spectrum for Conures.

Average Size:
Weight: 70 – 90 gm
Length: approximately 10 inches

Life Span:
10 – 20 years


Deposit to hold while being weaned: $300 minimum

Total purchase price: $600 +tax


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