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Indian Ringneck Parakeet  (Psittacula krameri)

The Indian Ringneck is a medium sized hookbill parrot with about half the the bird’s length in the tail feathers. Color mutations vary with many striking varieties that have been bred in captivity. The upper beak is an orangey-red with a black tip and the lower beak is blackish with a paler color. Males and females are sexually dimorphic as mature males will have a dark ring around the neck and above the bill to the eyes. The ring will typically appear in 2 to 3 years once the males attain their adult plumage. Females generally do not have a ring; however, a pale ring may occur. Males have better talking ability, but females are known to talk as well, but to a lesser extent.

Indian Ringnecks require ongoing obedience training and will bond stronger to one person in the home, but can be a family pet and must have consistent and regular socialization and handling.

Average Size:
115 – 140 gm
14 – 17 inches


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