Lafeber’s – Avi-Cakes – Classic – Macaw and Cockatoo – 1lb


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Lafeber’s – Avi-Cakes – Classic – Macaw & Cockatoo
Parrots have incredible beak abilities; just look at the way your Macaw or Cockatoo can take a chunk out of your finest furniture and, moments later, take the hull off of a tiny seed. A parrot’s curiosity is often driven by the quest for different tastes and textures, so why not give your bird something he can really sink his beak into?

Avi-Cakes is a blend of 50-percent premium seeds and 50-percent nutritionally balanced pellets made with non-GMO ingredients and held together with a great-tasting molasses binder. Its square shape is designed as the perfect “work-and-chew-food” for your macaw or cockatoo to hold, pull, twist and crunch to bring out his foraging instincts. Your parrot might pick and choose his way through a loose seed mix, but he’ll tear into Avi-Cakes and consume better nutrition along the way. Avi-Cake nutrition matches that of most pelleted diets and can be fed as a main meal. It is also an ideal “bridge” food to wean your parrot of


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