Lafeber’s – Avi-Cakes – Classic – Small Birds – 8oz


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Lafeber’s – Avi-Cakes – Classic – Small Birds
Looking for a fun, easy way to get your Parakeet, Lovebird, Cockatiel, Conure, or other small bird off of a mostly seed diet and onto a nutritious food he’ll love? Avi-Cakes were made with your bird in mind! We collaborated with top avian veterinarians, nutritionists, and behavioral consultants to create a recipe that gives your bird the best of both worlds — taste and texture, and solid nutrition, too.

Avi-Cakes is a special blend of premium seeds mixed 50-50 with nutritionally balanced pellets made from non-GMO ingredients, all held together with a great-tasting molasses binder. Its square shape is designed for your bird to hold and pull part — the perfect “work-and-chew-food” to bring out foraging instincts. Your bird might pick and choose his way through a loose seed mix, but he’ll pull, stretch, crunch, and twist his way through Avi-Cakes and consume better nutrition along the way.

Avi-Cake nutrition matches that of most pelleted diets, so it can be fe


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