Lafeber’s – Nutri-Berries – Classic – Conure – 10oz


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Lafeber’s – Nutri-Berries – Conure
What you put in your Conure’s food bowl might be met with a rebel yell, if it is not to his liking. These foodies love texture, which is why he’s inclined to pick out all the seeds and ignore the more nutritionally complete pellets in a mix. Fortunately, Conure Nutri-Berries were designed with your bird’s craving for taste and texture in mind. Conure Nutri-Berries offer the crunching sensation birds love without sacrificing balanced nutrition.

The Lafeber difference is in the hulling. A seed mix might be coated with vitamin and minerals, but as soon as the bird cracks the seed, the nutrition is lost along with the empty seed hull. By hulling the seed and grains and then adding essential vitamins and minerals, Nutri-Berries keep the nutrition in each bite. Conure Nutri-Berries also add 20% pellets to the taste and texture mix, and they are sized just right for your Conure, Caique, Senegal, Meyer’s, or other small to medium-parrot to hold and pull apart to eat; a simple ye


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