Prevue – Bodacious Bites – Akimbo


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Prevue Hendryx – Bodacious Bites – Akimbo

Prevue Pet Products Bodacious Bites Akimbo will provide hours of foot and beak exercise as your bird pulls, chomps and grips a variety of shapes and textures. Designed to provide mental and physical stimulation, Bodacious Bites Akimbo is made from solid hardwood and features a bird safe bell. All materials are 100% safe, made with food grade coloring and quick-link attachments letting you easily connect toy to cage.

  • Bodacious Bites bird toys encourage foot and beak exercise while providing mental stimulation
  • Your bird will spend hours climbing, pulling and chomping on a variety of shapes and textures
  • Made with 100-percent safe, non-toxic, colors and materials
  • Connects to cage easily with quick-link attachment

Technical Specifications

12″ x  4 1/4″


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