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Prevue Hendryx – Bodacious Bites – Deliteful_x000D_
Prevue Pet Products Bodacious Bites Deliteful bird toy will provide hours of foot and beak exercise as your bird pulls, chomps and grips a variety of shapes and textures. Designed to provide mental and physical stimulation, Bodacious Bites Deliteful is made from solid hardwood strung together with leather strips and featuring plastic beads. All materials are 100% pet safe, made with food grade coloring and quick-link attachments letting you easily connect toy to cage. Our bird toys are handmade and actual measurements may vary slightly. As always, supervise birds at play._x000D_
Delight for a full range of chomping and chewing bird sizes_x000D_
These toys will keep climbing, grabbing, chomping and chewing birds stimulated!_x000D_
A good all-around physical toy_x000D_
Great for foot and beak exercise_x000D_
Technical Specifications_x000D_
21″ x 6″


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