Prevue – Coconut Fun – Refillable


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Prevue Hendryx – Coconut Fun – Refillable

Prevue Pet Products Tropical Teasers Coconut Fun Bird Toy satisfies natural urges and provides great beak exercise! 100% natural dehydrated, sterilized coconut fiber satisfies plucking, preening, nesting and foraging instincts. Tropical Teasers bird toys may include additional materials, such as rattan strips, feathers, shells, cotton rope and 100% pet safe, non-toxic plastic beads for beak and tongue exercise. Toy connects easily to cage with quick-link attachment. The fiber bundles in this toy are refillable. Toy is hand made and actual measurements may vary slightly. As always, supervise birds at play.

Approximately 19 1/2″ long and 5″ wide


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