Prevue – Park Plaza Flat Top – 3352


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Prevue Hendryx – Park Plaza Flat Top – 3352

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  • Our popular wrought iron cage re-engineered for small birds
  • Large hinged front access door with dual locks
  • Solid-panel cup doors & wide seed guard to control debris
  • Pull-out grille and debris tray for easy cleaning
  • Cage stand base with easy-rolling casters
  • Ideal for conures, quakers, and other small to medium birds

Constructed of durable wrought iron, our bird cage is designed for parakeets, canaries and other small to medium sized birds. Our bird cage includes one solid wood perch, two stainless steel cups and an easy rolling stand with casters. Pull out grille and debris tray make Our bird cage easy to clean while the rounded corner seed guards and solid-panel cup doors control debris outside Our bird cage. A heavy duty lock plus additional wind-bell securely fast the large front door.

Wire Spacing: 1/2″

Interior Dimensions: 23 1/2″ x 19 1/2″ x 37″

Overall Dimensions Including Seed Guard: 32 1/2″ x 28 1/8″ x 52 3/4″

Includes: 1 Perch, 2 Stainless Steel Cups, Grille, Tray, and Seed Guard Set

Non-toxic and pet safe powder-coated steel mesh with metal tray. Wash cage regularly with a mild soap, warm water and Prevue’s non-abrasive #109 Cage Scrubber. Dry thoroughly. Do not dry tray in the sun, as it can warp.


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