Prevue – Tropical Teasers – Triple Play


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Prevue Hendryx – Tropical Teasers – Triple Play

Prevue Pet Products Tropical Teasers Triple Play satisfies natural nest building urges while providing great beak exercise. 100% natural, dehydrated, sterilized coconut fibers to satisfy plucking, preening, nesting and foraging instincts. Tropical Teasers bird toys may include additional materials, such as rope for beak and tongue exercise. Toy connects easily to cage with quick-link attachment.

  • Satisfies plucking, picking, and nesting instincts
  • Many Tropical Teasers are designed to be replenished with Coco Bundles to extend the life of the toy

Technical Specifications

8 1/2″ x  3 1/2″


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