Sunseed – Crazy Good Cookin’ – Jungle Rice – 16 oz


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Crazy Good Cookin’ – Jungle Rice – 16 oz_x000D_
A delicious, nutritious treat that adds fun and flavorful variety to your companion bird’s diet. Cook ahead, freeze, then warm up for a quick and healthy supplement birds of all sizes go crazy for!_x000D_
Cooking directions_x000D_
Add contents to 3-4 cups of boiling water_x000D_
Cover & simmer 10 minutes. Do not drain_x000D_
Cool to room temperature before serving_x000D_
Feeding directions_x000D_
1-2 oz per day for small to medium sized birds_x000D_
3-4 oz per day for large sized birds_x000D_
Remove any uneaten portion after 4-5 hours_x000D_
Storage directions_x000D_
Freeze cooked food into single serving portions, keeping up to 3 days worth thawed in the refrigerator at a time. Allow refrigerated food to reach room temperature before feeding to your bird.


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