TOP’s – Napoleon’s Seed Mix – 1lb


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TOP’s – Napoleon’s Seed Mix

Many small parrots, such as cockatiels, parakeets, and parrotlets, are ground feeders. That means a good amount of their daily food consists of seeds. Many of the seeds they eat in the wild are germinated. When seeds germinate (soak up/absorb humidity), they get ready to provide the necessary boost of nutrition for a plant to develop and grow. All of this nutrition is awakened when the seeds are soaked or germinated. Soak TOP’s Napoleon’s Seed Mix™ and it releases this nutrition to the birds.

Napoleon’s Seed Mix is perfect for small hookbills and budgies who have big egos. Feed it to your bird dry or soak 8-12 hours.

Organic Oat Groats, Organic Hulled Millet, Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Sesame Seeds and Organic Buckwheat



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